Job Search Sites

This is perhaps the most aggravating of all tasks you will experience when looking for new employment.  There are countless websites devoted to job postings and countless ways to access their information.  It is for this very reason that we developed this job portal - to help you get access to this information and to make the most efficient use of it.

The national sites such as Monster have existed for some time and contain a tremendous amount of job offerings.  What is lesser known is that there are ten times as many regional, local and even sector specific sites that you should also be considering.  While we do not promise to list every known site, we make every attempt possible to list those that will benefit you most.

National Sites:
America's Job Bank

Multi-Site Search Engines:

Regional Sites: - Midwest Cities - Detroit

Sector Specific: - Information Technology

Company Specific:

JC Penney
Eaton Corporation

Newspaper Sites:

US Newspaper Listing
Detroit Free Press
Detroit News
Monroe Evening News
Heritage Newspapers

Please check back here frequently as new sites are constantly being added.  Also, we are working on means to search all sites based on location and specific criteria and hope to offer this later this year.