Everyone you know should be notified of your new situation.  This is the time to swallow your pride and move past the fact that you are unemployed.  It may come as a surprise, but you will most likely find your next job through this task.  The following is a list of people to start with:

  1. Co-Workers - You should contact any pertinent people that you worked with, regardless of whether they knew you are no longer with the company.  They may know of other positions that are open or companies that are hiring.  You will also find it surprising to hear that many of them were already looking to leave your past employer.  It is also very therapeutic to speak with fellow employers, to discuss the past as well as the future.
  2. Family - Your family can immediately begin to help you by assisting in job searches, further remote-family networking and even in other tasks such as financial assistance.
  3. Customers - If you dealt with any customers in sales or service and product delivery, you may find that they may know of openings, or have ideas where you might look.
  4. Vendors - Many companies have on-line career postings.  By speaking with vendors that you worked with, it may open up new avenues for potential positions.
  5. Recruiters - Ask everyone you speak with if they have a recruiter to refer to you.  You will be surprised at how many people you know that have worked with recruiters and have someone to refer you to.  Recruiters typically receive their fee from the employer, so you have no cost involved in working with one.  Just make sure that you ask how they are compensated when you contact them.  If they indicate a fee is necessary to represent you, STOP the conversation immediately and keep looking.  Recruiters that collect their fee from the employers are the ones you want!

Just remember, everyone that knows you are looking is one more person out there keeping their eye out for you.